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The market in Ada Foah is manageable, but not uninteresting. Market is open on Wednesday and Saturday very near to the EZIME Guesthouse. You will get important things of daily necessities in this market. For tourists, two fabric shops are particularly recommended: a stand in the middle of the market offers all the usual fabrics of the region at fixed prices. The other business is tightly installed on the edge of the market and has also opened non-market days. At the same prices, you get good advice regarding fabric quantity, fabric quality and sewing accessories. In the case of a fabric purchase, it must be noted that substances with the print CTP, ATL, ABC are produced in Ghana, but high-target products in China. That also makes itself felt in quality and price.
Overall, all fabrics are affordable, but are not sold below 2 yards ( slightly more than 1.80 meters).
If you want to have sewn some traditional African out of your own fabric, we recommend John Ameko Gblorkpor. He guarantees good quality at reasonable prices. His studio is housed in the former Ghana Highways building. Walk past the market to the shop Christian Fresh Fish. The tailor is then to the left, opposite a beauty salon.

An alternative is the Atelier PAID KLODIN by Kojo. He understands himself more as a designer who makes classic fashion with attractive African applications. His studio is located on the main street, heading towards Big Ada, on the right side of the road in front of the Clinic Junction. Kojo can be inspired by your wishes. He works reliably and quickly, as long as he has time.
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