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Birds, birds, birds

The bird watching tour, which we did on 28 November 2016 with the Wildlife Division, was remarkable. At six oclock in the morning we started at the EZIME Guesthouse with a pickup, we drove to the village Pute. From there we marched a quarter hour to the water of the Songhor Lagoon. Mme Desiree, the leader of the Wildlife Division, was excited: Look Look, she said. Black Winged Stilts! We saw hundreds of these pond birds standing in the water, but they were far away. It was not possible to get closer to the birds. The ground was muddy and slippery. So we began to ask Mme Desiree to get more information about the area and the way of life of the Stilts and other birds, always looking into the distance, marvelling and letting the magic of the Songor Lagoon affect us.

In the end, we had developed great interest for the birds and decided to go again to the same place. The very next day, we implemented our plan, sat down on a plastic bag, photographed and watched the birds fly, eat, and do nothing. We wanted to learn more about the birds in the Songor Lagoon, but research on the Internet proved to be not very productive.

On our next visit to Ghana, we also want to see the migratory birds from Europe, who winter at the Lagoon from December to February. What we want: Good binoculars with tripod, picture and map material for viewing. Perhaps the Wildlife Division is ready for that?

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