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If you want to go shopping, or just want to see the offer of a big market, we recommend the market in Kasseh. There are almost all the goods of the daily requirement available. A stop for Trotros or Trotro taxies to Kasseh is diagonally opposite to the EZIME Guesthouse. For the single ride, pay 3.50 Cedis (as of Nov. 2016).

The bus or taxi will take you directly to the market. At the entrance of Kasseh is also a cash machine of the Ghana Commercial Bank accepting EC- and credit cards. Directly opposite the bank, is the office of Vodafone, whose staff provides expert advice on all telephone questions. It is a good idea to get a SIM card from a Ghanaian phone company for your mobile phone so that you can make cheap calls within Ghana and to other countries. Perhaps you are also interested in the internet bundles. A market visit is always interesting, but also exhausting. There is a quiet, shady restaurant at the exit of the village of Kasseh, direction Accra, named First Star. A motorbike transports you for 1 GHS quickly there.
One more idea: If the EZIME Guesthouse is not too busy, you might be able to go to Kasseh with Jennifer, the cook of the house, and buy the ingredients for an African dish that the cook prepares for you. However, you should pay the price for this special service beforehand and pay the money in advance. It will not be to your disadvantage. Good luck
Ezime Guesthouse